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Transliteration is power and SpellQuiz Spelling test and procedures can help to build English words vocabulary.

We all have reached a spot in our world, where knowledge is not only important but is continuing to grow to a level that it is necessary. A grasp of the Chinese language, of spelling, may well not have been as important once we were children, but today is it doesn’t the only way to survive in this new world. Those of our kids who have a commanding grasp of the English language will survive.

There are generally four types of spelling checks. In an oral transliteration test, the teacher pronounces each word out deafening and the students write each word down. In a spelling bee-type test, each student comes up individually one-at-a-time to mean a specific word away loud. Within a multiple choice spelling test, two or more spellings are given for every single word in the test, and the student must place a mark next to the one which is correct. The main difference between most transliteration tests at school and a spelling bee is that in a transliteration bee the students obtaining to know in move forward which words will be tested, nevertheless for regular transliteration tests they actually.

Spelling test for rules

Drop the ‘e’ rule
Magic ‘e’ Silent ‘e’
1:1:1 doubling up rule
i before e
-f/-ff to -ves or s
Adding -es 
Adding all, full, till test
The letter C 
-ful suffix
-ck & -ke pairs
words ending in -le

Back to Basics
Time of day
Days of the week


Suffix endings
-ible & -able
-tion, -sion, -cian 

Spelling test: Letter patterns
“sh” words
-ui- words

Tricky words
silent letters
though, thought, thorough, through
accept and except

your or you’re 
there, their, they’re

These words are the most common misspelled words according to the Oxford Dictionary
Misspelled words – letter a
Misspelled words – letter b
Misspelled words – letter c
Misspelled words – letters d – e
Misspelled words – letter f
Misspelled words – letters g – h
Misspelled words – letters i -k
Misspelled words – letters l – o
(More coming soon)

Can you spell these words that trainee teachers have to spell in an online exam?
QTS gap fill
QTS spelling test 1
QTS spelling test 2
QTS spelling test 3
QTS spelling test 4
QTS spelling test 5
QTS spelling test 6
(Qualified Teacher Status)

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